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Gambling Sites Reviews: Backgammon : Play65  
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Homepage: Play65
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Category: Backgammon
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Playing Online Backgammon on Play65™ is exactly the same as in real life; only this innovative software offers online backgammon 24 hours a day, seven days a week and allows you to compete with other players from all over the world.
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Playing for FUN

If you are an amateur backgammon player you can play using 'Fun' money. Play65 will automatically deposit $100 fun money into your account. Playing for fun is an excellent way of enhancing your skills. There are some excellent players out there. Not only is playing for fun free, however, even if you lose all of your fun money, your account will be credited again with $100!!!

Playing for REAL money

For the more professional player, 'REAL' money can be deposited which could result in you generating a second income $$$...
Again, it doesn't cost anything to sign up to play for real money-even a deposit isn't necessary. Infact- Play65 will give you $2 free to get you started!!!

Your games will be recorded when playing for real money. This will enable you to review past games at a later stage to identify any errors that were made.

The programs which can perform this analysis are: Jellyfish, Snowie, and GNU Backgammon.

Playing for the first time

The Play65 software is straightforward to use. Once you have logged in you will be faced with several introductions. You may acknowledge these or close them and come back to them later.You will then see the 'Lobby screen'.

Playing a Game

When you click on JOIN, a window appears outlining the rules that your opponent wants to play.

Once you and your opponent have agreed on the conditions of play, the game begins and the playing board will be displayed.

The Playing Board

The playing board is extremely user friendly. Just click your mouse on the dice when you want to roll. To move the checkers, drag and drop them into the position where you want them to be moved.

As you move your checkers, the numbers on the dice dim to remind you of the numbers you have played.

Time Controls

To ensure play proceeds at a reasonable pace, every game is timed. You can play either at *Normal speed (45 sec/turn/) or *Fast speed (25 sec/turn).

*This is the amount of time you have available to roll the dice and move your checkers.

If you are unable to finish a game in the required time, a global timer with extra time on it begins to count down. If you are playing Normal speed the global timer starts each game at 150 seconds and if you are playing Fast speed it starts each game at 90 seconds.

In the event that you run out of time on your global timer, you lose the game.

Play65 Player Statistics

Play65™ is proud to announce that it hosts the world's largest online backgammon community, and it welcomes the lion share of this market.

Since launching in 2005, the number of registered players, players at peak hours and average number of players have increased radically.

Registered Players:600,000(January 2006)
Players at peak hours:4,000(January 2006)
Average number of players5,000(January 2006)
Deposit Methods and Currency Options

Play65™ is defined as a skills-based game; therefore deposits can be made by the following methods:

All major credit cards such as MasterCard, Visa
Wire Transfers
Neteller and Paypal
US$, Euro€ and the UK£

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